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this interview took me quite a long time to translate (because i was distracted by Ryu's incident, and many other things lol)
there was JLPT test last Sunday, but i didn't take it since i wasn't ready and i'm the person who hate to sit still with an empty brain in the exam room. (and my money was gone with the windddd~ T T)
did anyone take the JLPT test? how was it?

let's forget about the test! did you guys order [OVER] single??
i haven't received my CDs yet because i ask my friend who is in Japan to buy those for me, but she's going to come back to Thailand on this coming Thursday.. so i've already missed the chance to download Hikaru's messages. *crying*
if there's anyone who has Hikaru's OVER messages and is willing to share, please please please let me know. i really want his messages badly!!
back to the topic. this one is quite a long interview, so have fun!!
note: omitted parts in [ ], additional notes in ( )


Interview Part
By staying calm, I want to climb up the ladder of being an adult.
[I've already turned 20 years old at the end of last year, but around my teenage (13-19 years old) I had whined about the things that I did. At that time, I showed my emotion openly when I was tired, so now I aim not to give any complaints or show any bad manners even if I want to. By saying the words like "I'm sleepy" or "I'm tired" unintentionally, it can make other members and other people nearby feel the same. If you say that kind of words, not only your feeling, but also yourself will become weaker; therefore, you should aware not to express that. By the way, this is what my parents said to me in the past, but this is a good chance, I want to fix my humpback (laugh). It might not be noticed while I am dancing in the show, but it is considerably be noticeable when I do other things like playing bass, sitting, and running... I also have stiff shoulders, and this hurts my neck. Other than that a guy with humpbacked is somewhat not popular. Since I was a child, people kept telling me that "your posture is bad". I always aware that, but I still cannot overcome it yet.
Type of girl that I like is the girl who has knowledge, and who is a fast learner. If she can remember the content of the conversation even it was a short one, this somewhat makes my heart skips a beat. Nowadays, isn't it becoming the age when anything can be searched by using a mobile phone? For the topic like "What is the interesting movie that you have recently watched?", the time when they can't think of the [movie's] title, or when they don't know the actor's name, everyone will use their mobile phones to search [for the answer]. At that time, if there is someone who can give you the answer, it will be good. It does not mean that she needs to be very good at study (gets good grades), but having a good memory is what I consider. Thing that I hate when my friends or the girls do maybe taking the foods apart. For example, there is an avocado burger with tomatoes topping on it, and that person starts to eat only tomatoes first, then only avocados, and meat and bread at last... You occasionally see someone who eats sushi's topping ingredients first, then eats rice later, right? It has nothing to do with avoiding the things you don't like to eat, but by eating separately you will not be able to understand the meaning of eating. I think the food will be more delicious if you eat them (the ingredients) together. So I don't really like the person who has that kind of eating style...
Recently, I have analyzed myself, and I think a shy part of me is really become unnecessary. I'm working as this career, but I can't start the conversation with the people whom I met for the first time... My voice's volume is too small when I am talking, and to tell you the truth, I have to summon up myself when I have an interview. I try very hard to pretend that I am not shy! (laugh) I was not a shy person when I was a kid, but maybe [becoming a shy person] when I was a high school student!? At that time my friend accidentally said "Hikaru is a shy person!" even though it (the topic) was irrelevant with shy, so I began to think "What!? Maybe I'm a shy person...", but it becomes impossible to mend this. However, it has been said that "if you can overcome everything with your strong points, then you don't need to stop being a shy person!" (laugh) Although I thought of being mended after becoming an adult, this is not an easy thing to be done.]
Q&A Part
Q: What is your enjoyment for the summer?
[Spending time before the show in the dressing room with the upper half of body naked. I can't bear having live performance in summer.]
Q: What do you want to do this summer?
[I want to get a scuba diving license. Although I can't swim, I want to try it since I already have an oxygen cylinder, and diving was also fun.]
Q: What kind of summer was like when you were a child?
[I stayed overnight at my cousin's house. Fishing carps and sea bass, and gathering shellfish. At that time I was tanned because of sun-burned]
Q: What kind of food that gives you a stamina is summer?
[T/N: I can't clearly see the answer here, so I'm going to skip this question. << but he answered something about Curry and Ice cream] 
Q: What kind of clothes do you want a girl to wear for the date?
[Short pants and T-shirt. The casual style of pants. I'm the type of person who like pants more than skirt.]
Q: What is you ideal date?
[Riding on the canoe. I want to try having an active date in summer.]
Credit shiroikazex for the scans.
* Corrections are totally welcomed :)
* Comments are loved ♥.
Please let me know and credit me if you gonna repost this else where.

p.s. sorry if i don't reply the comments, i'm too lazy~ lol (but i read "every" comments.)
i do appreciate your comments! love you all.♥

T/N: this interview made me gone crazy lol. he looks so mature and at the same time he still remains the original Hikaru here.
I have no idea that he's a shy person!!! look at him when he was in Yan Yan JUMP during the "Owarase Shiritori" part.
super cute dorky, Hikaru-kun ...hahaha
but when he was in other tv shows like Hey! Hey! Hey!, he's somewhat shy and quiet. ohhhhhh~

one more thing, i don't notice that he's humpbacked until i translated this interview! i know that he has stiff shoulders, but for the humpback thing.. no idea at all!! Hikaru-kun, even you are humpbacked, you're still popular yo. XD

and lastly, WTH is the upper body naked in the dressing room!!! omg omg omg. *died*


i haven't seen anyone translate this JUMPaper yet. and because of my curiousity, i decided to translate it ...ahahaha~ :P
but i want to let you know first, this might not be 100% accurate since his writing was quite confusing. (or maybe because of my japanese skill uwaaaa~)

so so so... let's begin!!
note: omitted parts in [ ], additional notes in ( )
& i used the same icons as Daiki's JUMPaper :)

Don't forget to read the knowledge session below!!

Breakfast together with Courage 100%...
No, it isn't
It's Arioka Daiki who is addicted to a 100% orange juice
June, 22nd was iino OK Ino-chan's birthday 
By the way, JUMP members remember Ino-chan's birthday as [Munini Day]
Ino-chan suddenly said this with no reason, so that other members won't forget his birthday 
And that came out 
This time, to make everyone who read this page can remember JUMP members' birthday easier, we tried to name each member's birthday as [OO Day] one by one 
Yamada... May, 9th (Gulping Milk Day) Let's gulping milk together, so we can grow taller
Chinen... November, 30th (Everything Looks Fine Day) Because you can ask anything you want Chinen to try doing 
Yuto... August, 10th (Pigeon Day) He's great at mimicking pigeon, he really starts to looks like a pigeon  laugh
Ryutaro... April, 6th (Reading Day) Anything is fine even they are manga, magazines, novel, or other's hearts. Let's try reading  laugh
Keito... April, 1st (Shi~ Day) Ryutaro's one, that [Shi~] thing  laugh
Me... April, 15th (Good Boy Day) I haven't decided to be a good boy when I was in kindergarten laugh
Takaki... March, 26th (SaBathingDay) Takaki is a person who will do something immediately after he made up his mind 
Ino-chan... June, 22nd (Muhuhu Day) Munini Day is also fine 
Hikaru-kun... December, 2nd (JuuFuu Fuu Day) It's non-sense, but it makes me want to eat Yakiniku laugh
Yabu-kun... January, 31st (1 Year Old Day) When this day comes Yabu kun will become 1 year old ... I mean 1 year older... laugh
That's all, coming out like these. Does it become easier to remember??
It seemed to take quite a lot of time thinking these laugh
Please try to name your birthday as OO Day, and make it popularize to your friends 
Ah By the way 
June, 29th... (Rock Meat Day) It's the day that Hey! Say! JUMP's 7th single [OVER] is on sale 
It's miscellaneous and colorful, so please enjoy it 
And that's all for this time 
Bye by Daiki
To Yabu-kun
Hands that come out on the last pose of OVER when they wave many times, the overlapping of hands are beautiful
When we're good at doing it, the shadow will look like a crab 
It's greatlaugh


*knowledge session* giving the credit to 
toshism (thank you! thank you!)

in this JUMPaper, Daiki plays with the japanese pronunciation of the words.
i'll explain this one by one

there're many way of counting the numbers in japanese
for example, the basic one is ichi (1), ni(2), san(3), shi(4), go(5), roku(6), nana(7), hachi(8), kyuu(9), jyuu(10)

i'll write the japanese that Daiki used in [ ]

Yamada... [GokuGoku Gyuunyuu Nomu] Go = 5, Ku = 9 << 59 (May 9)

Chinen... [Ichi Ichi Samani Naru] Ichi = 1, Sa =3, (i don't really know which one means zero here.. anyone knows pls tell me. thanks!) << 1130 (November 30)

Yuto... [Hato] Ha = 8, To = 10 << 810 (August 10)

Ryutaro... [Yomu] Yo = 4, Mu = 6 << 46 (April 6)

Keito... [Shi-] Shi = 4, - = 1 (1 in japanese kanji is written as 一) << 41 (April 1)

Daiki... [Yoi Ko] Yo = 4, i = 1, Ko = 5 << 415 (April 15)

Takaki... [Sa! Furo!] Sa = 3, Fu = 2, Ro = 6 << 326 (March 26)

Inoo... [Muhuhu] Mu = 6 Hu/Fu = 2 or [Munini] Mu = 6, Ni = 2 << 622 (June 22)

Hikaru... [Juu Fuu Fuu] Jyuu = 10 Fu = 2 << 122 (December 2)

Yabu... [Issai] Ichi = 1, Sa = 3, i = 1 << 131 (January 31)

OVER releasing day... [Rokku Niku] Roku = 6, Ni = 2, Ku = 9 << 629 (June 29)

* Corrections are totally welcomed :)
* Comments are loved ♥.

No reposting pls. No reposting!

p.s. sorry if i don't reply the comments, i'm too lazy~ lol (but i read "every" comments.)
i do appreciate your comments! love you all.♥

28 June 2011 @ 10:56 pm

i'm here to update you guys with ryu's articles. this took me a whole afternoon (until now) to translated all the 9 articles!! so i'll conclude all of that into 1 post, here.

i'm not gonna describe what the news written about his 2 photos as you guys have already seen that. :)

- There's an official announcement to independently suspend all his entertainment related activities caused by his underage smoking.

- Ryutaro was admitted himself that he has smoked several times in the past due to his curiosity.

- According to the [Shukan Josei] which is the magazine that reported about his smoking, Ryu has smoked openly in the public places such as toilets and outdoors.

- Another person who accompanied with him at that time also warned him not to smoke by saying "It's going to be in trouble if you were caught.", but Ryu ignored that by saying "It's okay. It's okay." Finally, this caused him an independent suspension

- Ryutaro hasn't been dismissed from the Johnny's entertainment yet. But it might be hard for his return as a group activity. (or in other words, it might be hard for him to return as Hey! Say! JUMP member.)
- [OVER] single well be released on 29th as scheduled, without any replacement of the cover since it has already distributed.
- The programs that have already recorded, TV Tokyo's [Yan Yan JUMP] and Fuji TV's [Hey! Hey! Hey!] which will be broadcasting on 2nd and  4th July respectively are still under discussion whether they are going to postpone them or continue broadcasting.
- Also for the Ultra Power radio program and his CM contract under Lotte (Lotte Plus X Fruitio), under discussion
- Ryu is not allowed to participate in [Summary].
- So from now on, Hey! Say! JUMP activities will continue with only 9 members.
- There's a possibility for him to be dismiss from Johnny's, and this will depend on his behavior during his suspension.
- Full text Fax from Johnny's entertainment (not 100% accurate though, i'm too tired to translate all these in detailed)
"Today, in response to the report, we've checked the truth with him and he was admitted himself that he has smoked several times in the past due to his curiosity. He deeply regrets for his mistake. Although, he did it for his curiosity, the underage smoking was prohibited by law, even if the company has always deal with this issue strictly. To take this issue seriously, we decided to suspend his further entertainment related activities independently.

To every fans, we have to apologized everyone for any inconvenience concerning this issue."

June 28, 2011 8:10 am
- Broadcasting (i think it means Ultra Power radio show in this case) will be abruptly replaced by other members (since the current pair is Ryutoro & Yuto pair)
- One of these articles has mentioned about his brand-named wallet (the white Damier patterned Louis Vuitton) which was placed next to him in the small picture that it might be a gift from Johnny-san. since Johnny-san likes to give cars or brand-named goods as a gift for his favorite talents. and it might be possible for Ryutaro to be given that wallet. However, even he is one of Johnny-san's favorite talent, he still can't get away from the punishment.
(uhhuh~ what a good point haha.. but i think Ryu bought that LV wallet himself. :P)
- There's also an article written that Ryu has shocked his fans by present a "Hooligan" image.


- UltraPower on 27th was replaced by Yamada & Keito's old recording tape (it's like the re-run) instead of current Ryu&Yuto pair.

UltraPower is now remaining with only 4 member of Hey! Say! 7

[YanYan JUMP] 2nd & 9th July episodes will be air after replacing all Ryu's cutout scenes with other members of the groups.

- Ryu's appearances in “HEY!X3” & his contract for Lotte's CMs are both currently under review.


end of the conclusion!!

* Feel free to ask me any question, if i can answer i will do so :D

Pls continue supporting our Dragon Boy! i won't give up on you, Ryu~
always love Hey! Say! JUMP with 10 members. ♥♥ 
pls stay stong. we as "JUMPers" will always support you.

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* no bashing & rude words, pls.

No reposting pls. No reposting!

p.s. sorry if i don't reply the comments, i'm too lazy~ lol (but i read "every" comments.)
i do appreciate your comments! love you all.♥

the potato july issue also has the crosstalk thing, but i'm too lazy hahaha...
and since there're tons of translation queuing up according to "ikemen desune" drama. uhhhh~  (= w =;)

dear my lovely Hikaru-kun,
i'm glad that you got a great chance to be in the drama, but i'm tired you know!!!
(just kidding.. lol)

i found this Q&A is somewhat interesting, so you can request if you want me to translate other members' part.
(i'm planning to do Yamada-kun's because of my friend's request. XD)
but i'm on processing with Hikaru's CanCam interview, so pls wait patiently. hahaha...

 note: omitted parts in [ ], additional notes in ( )
{i used the highlighted & bold letters as same as the magazine}

The Great Anatomy Part.1: A big investigation on JUMP's good relationship
5 questions were raised to investigate about JUMP's relationship. Though there's a surprised question which made members a little be stagger, their new sides have revealed!
Hikaru Yaotome
Q1. I saw this kind of relationship among the members!
- Recently, 7 (members) are really close. In the dressing room, their tension gets high for no reason. It's more lively than BEST's dressing room.

Q2. Which member you want to sleep next to?
- Keito's body is big. I happened to sit next to him in the airplane, and the seat became narrow. Chinen's body temperature is high, and it's hot...  may be Dai-chan! He's compact and he's not hot, so his sleeping image won't be that bad.
(T/N: i feel sorry for Keito in this case.. lol, to mention, they sat together during the flight to Hokkaido concert.) 
and why did Hikaru say Daiki is compact?! this made him looks like a digital camare to me hahahaha..)

Q3. If you were Romeo, who is going to be your Juliet? and in reverse?
- For Juliet, it may be Ryutaro. Because he's always like to stay next to me. Keito is Romeo. He seems like he can handle any selfish request. May be, because I'm the "Spoiled Juliet" (laugh)

Q4. If all 10 members organize a club activity, what kind of club is going to be?
- Gaya Club. It's like we'll gather up to be a claque for someone's birthday, by saying "Yo!" or "You're the lucky man". We'll make that place become lively. Since we're the buzzing JUMP.
(T/N: Gaya comes from gayagaya which means humming or buzzing)

Q5. If all 10 members are going to travel together, where are you going?
- Go to England and explore Keito's roots. I also want to the live concert in the night.
Q6. What is going to happen if all 10 members have to live under the same roof? (T/N: or it means living in the same house)
- The dressing room would likely become dirty (laugh). The place like dressing room will be in a mess. Taking turn for cleaning and cooking seems fun. Even though Yamada is good at cooking, he will give up after 3 days and saying "Today I'm already tired!" (laugh)
* Corrections are totally welcomed :)
* Comments are loved ♥.
Please let me know and credit me if you gonna repost this else where.

p.s. sorry if i don't reply the comments, i'm too lazy~ lol (but i read "every" comments.)
i do appreciate your comments! love you all.♥


i haven't update this for 1 month! ohhh~ (due to my laziness. XD)
soooo.. now i'm back with 2 translations in a row! *pachi pachi*

Hey! Say! 7 Dictionary this time is about fashion, but i haven't translate all of them, just only the Q&A part.
at first, i'm thinking of translating all of it, but i'm quite confuse about the talk part (my japanese skill isn't that good) so i skipped it.

let' start then..
note: omitted parts in [ ], additional notes in ( )

all about fashion ♥ Question & Answer
Answering 7 questions about fashion! Both of them will show us their normal style clothes!

Q: What is the fashion item you are collecting?

Yamada: Wristwatch, Stole
"Because a wristwatch can be worn with the uniform, so I have 8 of them. Moreover, I also like the scarf things. Girl's muffler is amazing! If the hair that comes out from it looks fluffy, it'll make me want to hug her from the back ♡"
(T/N: your answer has anything related with those stoles you are collecting, Yama-chan? lol)

Morimoto: Street-style baseball cap
"During my solo corner in Haru con [Hey! Say! JUMP & Yuuki 100% Spring Concert 2011] I used a cap during my solo dance, so I started to buy a baseball cap. With that (Okamoto) Keito said "it's suit you", and he gave me another one as my birthday present"
(T/N: OkaRyu's moment hahahaha, you guys are so lovely! ♥♥)

Q: Which item did you like to buy recently?

Yamada: T-Shirt
"I didn't buy anything~. I mostly wear a uniform because I have to go to school. I think what I have are plain clothes, so the most recent thing was a photo t-shirt I bought at the end of February. Now I'm also interest in a darkened pink color"
(T/N: Photo t-shirt is a t-shirt with a screened photo on it)
Morimoto: Parka
"I don't usually go shopping alone... If I go, I'll go to the local shops. However, the parka which has shiny rhinestones attached to the zipper is unique and I often wear it"

Q: What is the fashion item you want now?
Yamada: Boots
"Recently, when I cleaned up my room, 10 of brand new sneakers came out. I planned to wear them in summer, but when it turned to Fall, I want boots! A pair of engineer boots I always wear is already become shabby, so I'm looking for the new one with the same style."
(T/N: OMG... 10 new pairs of sneakers!!)
Morimoto: Belt
"I've used only 2 belts for about 2 years, so the holes are already too wide, and it becomes hard to use. Next time if I buy (a new belt), I'll buy the one with a simple buckle, and in order to be able to suit with any pants, the black one may be good. With that, I want to use it for another 2 years. (laugh)"
Q: What about your fashion model?
Yamada: People from TV or street whom I think they are fashionable
"By watching someone that I think he has a good taste, so it can be said that there's no exact style for me. Recently, I got an influence from the clothes that my favorite artist wore in the PV (promotion video). A fine white shirt with a navy blue cardigan are somewhat cool."
Morimoto: Just only my sense!!
"Because I want to decide on the clothes myself, I don't use any model! I believe in my own sense. But I still choose a lot of clothes among those my parents bought for me. (laugh)"
Q: How do you determine your clothes?
Yamada: I choose my clothes the day before.
"The reason is that I hate to be in hurry in the morning. In the evening of the day before, I often choose my clothes while watching the weather forecast. There's also the time when I think "Tomorrow, let's mix this with that." on the train home."
Morimoto: I choose the clothes according to the parka.
"Because the item I have the most is a parka, firstly I'll choose which parka I'm going to wear, then the matched bottom, and shoes... I want to choose the shirt from my mood at that time, so I spend 5 minutes choosing after I wake up!"
Q: Which item you want to try?
Yamada: Sunglasses
"Last year  I bought a pair of sunglasses in New York, but I'm not brave enough to wear it in Japan, so I want to be able to walk while wearing sunglasses.  I wear it a lot when I was over there. (laugh)"
(T/N: he means he wear sunglasses a lot while he was in New York)
Morimoto: An individual style clothes
"Like colorful patterned clothes from head to toe, it looks like this can make a difference among each person. But in my case, rather than mix & match the items, I think I want to go shopping by myself first. (laugh)"

Q: What are "My standard clothes"?
Yamada:  Black T-Shirt + Jeans
"Body fitted t-shirt and loose denims make a good balance. In the past, I used to play soccer which made my legs quite big that I can't wear pants with thinned legs. So every pairs [of denim] I have are a loose type that can give a feeling like "Yo!" (laugh)"
Morimoto: Parka + Denim
"I like to wear big sized parka and denim. I intentionally  choose a one size bigger, so I can wear them loosely. I have a lot of black and grey parkas as they are basic colors. I don't want to wear only normal jeans, but I also want to try wearing denim overalls like this too!"
(T/N: Denim overalls is what Ryu wears in the picture above. Clothes which top part and bottom part are attached together.)
* Corrections are totally welcomed :)
* Comments are loved ♥.
Please let me know and credit me if you gonna repost this else where.

p.s. sorry if i don't reply the comments, i'm too lazy~ lol (but i read "every" comments.)
i do appreciate your comments! love you all.♥


*talk session*
talking about ryu, you guys might already see his smoking picture.. aha!
you can discuss here huhuhu.. (but no bashing & rude word pls)

for me... the picture is from the magazine right? so i think he intentionally took it.
if he's really smoke, the picture should be more papa-like, but this! from the magazine!! (even though it looks like a gossip magazine in my idea)
moreover, he's not smoking.. he's just carrying the cigarette hahaha.. (to look in detailed, there's a little smoke comes out from the tip.)

the point is that he's still 16, and it's illegal in Japan for people who are under 20 years old to smoke.
but it's normal in Japan to smoke lol (who cares the law..). i think it's also okay in the teenagers' point of view that it's fine to smoke.
and you shouldn't forget that he's already in high school.. and he's a boy! it's not wrong to try hahaha.

over half of Johnny's boys are smoking, you guys~ so it's nothing to be serious if he's smoking (am i too positive? lol)
i think Johnny-san won't let this kind of picture out to the public, since Ryu's face is too clear haha..

and in the picture above Ryu's name, it is written "Playboy image character".
who knows, may be he's going to have a new drama. woohoo~
so let's wait for Johnny-san's official announcement!

ok, the official announcement came.. sry for the delay & i'm on process with translating all the news.
since there're so many many sources, it'll take me quite a lot of time.
i'll conclude all the news into one entry, and post it up later (may be tonight.)

if you have any questions you can ask me, i'll answer as far as i know the answers :)

pls continue supporting our dragon boy!


long time no updating.. XD
i don't know what to update hahaha.. since there's no update about the drama "ikemen desu ne".
(i'm following the drama's official twitter.)
the latest update was that they are still preparing the story, so the shooting hasn't start yet. that's all...

i've bought myojo july issue already!
at first i think i'm going to translate the article, but after looking at the content i give up~ lol
not really hahaha...
but as you guys might have seen from the scanned things, this issue is about the MC from Hokkaido's concert, not the interviews.
and it's very very looooooong~ (for me :P)

i've already translated the MC from Hokkaido's concert (if you remembered), not from myojo but from potato june issue
please scroll down to read that ... haha~

and for myojo july issue... it's the same content!
ok... not exactly the same, but the myojo's one is much much more in detailed.
so i decided not to translate :3

just mentioning about the MC talk that didn't have in potato's...

- they talked more about Dai-chan's birthday 
Chinen & Yabu wished him happy birthday face to face, not mailing

- Kimpachi Sensei's drama
During the camera's rehersal, the last scene, Keito said he was shy to act in the same scence with Hikaru, so Hikaru bewared not to meet Keito before the real shooting << how nice he is ♥

- Yabu & Takaki had been to Hokkaido together for shooting "Hadaka no Shounen", and they did the Ramen-Tour
[Hadako no Shounen at first was a Johnny's late-night show in which the Juniors were in pajamas and stayed in a club house, but it was changed to a gourmet show ..cooking, visiting the restaurant, so and so.]

- and more KeiDai's moment huhuhu~♥
Dai-chan talked about he had been playing at Kei's house, and in the morning he saw the rice with at first he thought it was a scramble egg, but it appeared as corn topping on the rice.
and he thought that Kei eat that kind of rice every day hahaha.. (baka Dai-chan)

and and, now i'm so excited about the live-action drama series of "Ouran High School Host Club"!!
- airing at the same channel with "Ikemen Desu ne",, TBS
- same month, July
- same day, Friday
- only different airing time
(but the exact date for both series hasn't announced yet.)
that's all from me today~
tomorrow is friday, so have a nice weekend everybody!

music: over - Hey! Say! JUMP

Since I was too excited about Hikaru's upcoming drama, I decided to translate his comment about the drama,「美男ですね」(Ikemendesune).
I think many of you might know the original one which is the korean version called "You're Beautiful", starring Jang Geun-Seok, Park Shin-Hye, Lee Hong-Ki and Jung Yong-Hwa

so, the main actors for the japanese version are:

- Tamamori Yuta (from Kis-My-Ft2) as Kazuraki Ren {Vocal & Guitarist (Leader)}
(Original role by Jang Geun-Seok as Hwang Tae-Kyung)

- Takimoto Miori as Sukuraba Mio (male) and Sakuraba Miko (female) {Keyboard & Vocal}
(Original role by Park Shin-Hye as Go Mi-Nam (male) and Go Mi-Nyeo (female))

- Fujigaya Taisuke (from Kis-My-Ft2) as Fujishiro Shuu {Guitarist}
(Original role by: Jung Yong-Hwa as Kang Shin-Woo)

- Yaotome Hikaru (from Hey! Say! JUMP) as Hongo Yuuki {Drummer}
(Original role by Lee Hong-Ki as Jeremy)

[TN: sorry, if I mis-pronounce the name of japanese characters]

Here is the translation.
note: omitted parts in [ ], additional notes in ( )

I watched the original drama [Korean version] at once from the beginning to the end. There are scenes that make you laugh to the scenes that make you feel touched.
The character  that I'm going to play is Jeremy whose style is pop-like. When I was watching the drama, I felt like he has the character that can make everyone feels happy.
The drama itself has a happy/fun atmosphere. In order not to be holding back [other actors], I want to enjoy shooting together with other actors and staff as much as possible.
I'm looking forward to the scene where all of A.N. JELL members play music together. Anyhow, for the people who are going to watch [this drama], I want to try my best to fill up everyone's heart with bright, fun and cheerful feeling.

source: TBS 

T/N: I love this drama! It's a very good, and I'm so happy that Hikaru was chosen as Jeremy (for korean ver, I loved Jeremy the most)
but, when i first saw the main actors' name list, I was a little bit like "Huh? why are they?" hahaha...
whatever, as long as it has Hikaru, i'm fine with anything. lol ......Looking forward to this drama. (it's gonna be on air in July)
Hikaru, you should ask Yuto for the drum course :P


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now it's time for hikaru's blog! yayyyy..~
p.s. i also translated the twitter's part (the part with the 3 ballon's words for each member)

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All you want to say's Twitter: JUMP's mumble (Yaotome Hikaru's part)

▶ I want to see my nephew~! He's so cute~♥

▶ We were able to see Koshien during the car transfer. Ryutaro looked up and made a comment about the high school baseball players, "Oh, nice throwing ne~" He looked like an old man, interesting (laugh)
(T/N: Koshien is a baseball stadium which is the venue of the annual high school baseball tournaments)

▶ Today is cold, so I want to eat Korean Nabe! Since I mainly eat vegetable, things like Chige may be good.
(T/N: Nabe means "Pot" in Japanese, but it is called "Hot Pot" in case of food; Chige is a Korean-style soup)

Yaotome Hikaru's blog

O Month, X Day
Singing karaoke enthusiastically ☆
I went to karaoke with my friends! We used the national ranking communication network, and we sang non-stop for 4 hours! (laugh) I used the original key/tone when I sang the B'z songs, so my voice has cracked (laugh)
(T/N: The national ranking communication network is a ranking network in Japan that calculated the score after you finished singing each song; For those who don't know B'z, B'z is Hikaru's favorite Japanese hard rock duo)

O Month, X Day
Power charge from beef!
Recently, I was able to eat meat. I also silently enter the Gyu-don restaurant alone. I went to eat Yukiniku with other members, and I ate quite a lot! My body seems to want meet during the concert period ne.
(T/N: Gyu-don is a bowl of rice topped with cooked beef and vegetable)

O Month, X Day
If I could do something even it's only a little...
Every members have written hundreds of message cards, and sent to the victims in every devastated areas. I think there will be kids who read these cards, so I included some drawings in them. I carefully wrote the sentences that can brighten up the feeling even it's only a little.

O Month, X Day
Nothing but darts!
There were several days that I stayed home, so I started to find something to do. At first, I'd played  bass, but after I found the dart board I've played it alone for all day. 

O Month, X Day
Feeling cheerful after meeting friends.
I went to eat at family restaurant with 3 of my friends. Our conversation's topic is always about the news because there is new information everyday. Talking about several things made me feel relieved as it can washed away the bad feelings. By the way, I ate hamburger.

O Month, X Day
Reunion with other members after a long time
I've already gone for concert's rehearsal. The day before, when I received a call saying "The rehearsal starts from tomorrow", I thought "Yatta!" I haven't seen other members for so long, so it would be good if I can make the rehearsal to be something that can bring up their feelings and motivations!

Concert's message

Please be cheerful ♪♪
Since we do an energy saving in our concert, so we'll show your our fancy-way of singing and dancing! I also want you guys to refresh your emotion, and come [to our concert].

T/N: why he's so random with the family restaurant's part. what's to do with the "By the way, I ate hamburger" thing. lol
One more thing, Hikaru.. you should call Yama-chan to play darts with you na~

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This is a very long translation, really hahaha...
note: omitted parts in [ ], additional notes in ( )

- Just about MC report -

"Even turning 20 years old, there is nothing change"

Yabu: Let's talk one by one? so, start from Dai-chan.

Daiki: I've already passed my teen [10-19 years old] during the last tour. (audience sang Happy Birthday loudly) Thank you!

Takaki: How old are you now?

Daiki: I'm 20 years old.

Inoo: Liar~

Daiki: I'm not lying!

Yabu: BEST members are all twenties... Really!?
Chinen: At the time we debuted, there is no one who is 20 years old ne~ Ryutaro was still carrying a school bag right?
Daiki: But now you are a high school student.
Ryutaro: Yes, I'm now a high school student.
Yamada: Congratulations~
Daiki: Then the next birthday is... (at that time it was April)
Ryutaro: Yes, I'm 16 years old now. It's still 4 years before I'm turning 20... so long~ (laugh)
Hikaru: But, even turning 20 years old, he still behaves like this (looking at Takaki)
Takaki: Oi, what do you mean.
Daiki: Ryutaro sent me the mail at exacty 00:00 am. Hikaru-kun sent it to me 6 hours before that; "A little bit early, but Happy Birthday". Too early! (laugh)
Hikaru: Right, besides you were in the room next to me (laugh) [it's the hotel's room]
Takaki: What's your ambition? Let's ask BEST members about "Up until now, was there any change after turning 20 years old?"
Daiki: Right, if I say "There's nothing change.", you will think like "Lying~"... but there's nothing change!
Yabu: Live forever like Peter Pan!
All: ..........
Yabu: What I have said. (laugh)

Daiki: Like don't forget your youthful heart right?
Takaki: That's like we are becoming an adult.
"Hokkaido is cold, but everyone is warm!"
Inoo: There's still snow left in Hokkaido ne. The mountains are white, so the feeling is different (compared to Tokyo)
Takaki: It's a feeling of docile!
Yamada: But Fuji-san is also white, isn't it?
Yuto: (asking the audiences) Is the top always white in Hokkaido?
Hikaru: Which top. (laugh)
Yuto: .....Mountain's (laugh)
Inoo: One more thing, Hokkaido's food is delicious!
Daiki: For Hokkaido's catering, there's a description written on everything, like "This is good for your eyes." Even for the food that I don't like, it can make me think "Should I try this dish?"
Yabu: Organic is good ne. What about you Keito?
Keito: For me, I have hiccuped until the concert starts, and there's noting I can do since it doesn't stop. But when I went up the stage, and the audiences were screaming, then it stopped~ (he said this with a fluffy tone, so other members burst into laugh)
Moreover, on the way to Hokkaido sitting on the plane was really great ne, Hikaru-kun. He was sitting next to me, and at the moment the plane took off, he closed his eyes tightly.
Hikaru: It's a hard feeling when going somewhere since I really hate when the plane takes off and landing.
Yamada: Talking about that, Keito, your snore was so loud (laugh). Even the alarm clock can't wake you up!
Inoo: On the plane, Takaki was very very kind. Since he was sitting next to me, so he read the safety booklet for me (laugh)
Yabu: Ah, really? I thought he was reading a picture book for Inoo-chan to go asleep (laugh)
Hikaru: How about you, Yamada? How is Hokkaido?

Yamada: Great. It's fun. Although outside is cold, everyone has a warmth feeling. I'll be happy if I can come to Hokkaido again. How about you, Yuma?
Yuma: Hokkaido's fish and shellfish are delicious because I like to eat fish.
Yabu: Here he comes! Sakana-kun! (T/N: for those who don't know Sakana-kun, he's a Japanese chief expert on fish, and his face look a bit similar like Yuma. lol)
Yuma: No, I'm not Sakana-kun (laugh)

Hikaru: Hokkaido is interesting ne. Also for Toumorokoshi. Ah, should it be Toukibi? (T/N: Toumorokoshi is the normal way to call "corn" in Japanese, but Toukibi is the Hokkaido's way of calling)
Chinen: Arigatoukibi~ (T/N: he's playing the sound of "Arigatou" and "Toukibi)
Daiki: Today, you seem to be broken down.
Chinen: No, I'm not~
All: Furu.. (laugh) (T/N: it's the sound when you try not to laugh out loud, I don't know how to write this sound in English, sorry hahaha..)
Chinen: Really? [about Dai-chan saying he seem to be broken down] I also have a memory of Hokkaido. I came to Hokkaido for stage's introduction of "NIN X NIN Ninja Hattori-kun THE MOVIE". I came with my grandfather. Although I stayed only one night, but the room was quite wide. So I have the feeling like Hokkaido is large.
Yabu: Me too. I often come to Hokkaido. I came to travel with my family many times. To Otaru, Hakodate, Sapporo, Yubari... I also came with my school trip.
Hikaru: Yeah, we came ne.
Yabu: like.. the bear garden? We threw salmons to feed the bears ne.
Daiki: We didn't throw salmons. Just food! [for feeding the bears]
Yamada: It's a waste throwing salmons (laugh)
Hikaru: How about you, Yuto?
Yuto: Hokkaido is a wide land ne. I've brought my camera, so I've taken a snap shot from the plane.
Takaki: He's true camera man.
Yuto: When we nearly arrived, I can see the mountain range. With that changing [scenery], I think it is beautiful.
Yabu: I know that mountain range. It's Hidaka-sanmyaku right? To say I'm a geographical master, isn't that disgusting?
Takaki: You said that by yourself (laugh)
Hikaru: How about you, Ryutaro?
Ryutaro: There is Wakkanai right? My dog came from that city, so Hokkaido is my friend~
Hikaru: so.. once a month, there is a corn comes out from his mouth....
Ryutaro: No, there isn't! Even if I wear this color [of costume], it doesn't come out!
Hikaru: .......Noisy~ He's a tsukkomi (laugh) How about you, Takaki? (T/N: here, Hikaru addressed himself as a bo-ke (the role of playing as a person who always misunderstanding and slip-ups), so Ryutaro becomes a tsukkomi (the role the another person plays in "butting in" and corrects the boke's errors)
Takaki: There are a lot of white kids in Hokkaido right?
All: White kids........ (laugh)
Takaki: Maybe because it's cold.
Hikaru: Now we understand, because of flying too long, he has already gone crazy (laugh)
Daiki: The last one is Hikaru-kun.
Hikaru: For me, I love Hokkaido. Because my friends have sent me the corns, and they can be eaten with boiling. That was tasty!
Takaki: It isn't a young corn right?
Yabu: Eating young corns one by one is delicious...
Daiki: It's enough for a young corn story!
Yamada: Young corn is so tasty.
Daiki: It's enough!!
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This is my first time translating the magazine, so sorry for any mistake.
note: omitted parts in [ ], additional notes in ( )

"I have thought about many things, but now I want to express my thanks."

Smiling faces of the people who gathered in the Marching J project were really wonderful. When I saw that, I was able to smile too. I wanted to send everyone's lovely smiles to the devastated areas. My parents' home is also in the devastated area, so right after the earthquake I think really hard about what I can do [to help them]; therefore, being able to participate in the event was great. By greeting everyone from the stage, I had expressed my thanks, and asked everyone to save the energy. I also try to save the energy too, particularly by shortening the bathing time. Even though it's very short [his bathing time], but recently it takes only about 10 minutes. Even at work, we also turn the electricity off when it isn't used.

On the event day, SMAP members sang their hit song "Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana" in acappella. It was really great. I was standing at the back; dancing along with them, and this was impressive. The audiences also danced together. Actually, SMAP's word saying that "one power from everyone makes a great power" was awesome.
Concerning about JUMP, being able to live cheerfully is not actually the number 1 point. But our work is to make everyone who comes to see us and everyone who comes to our concert being lively. At Nagano's concert, able to meet with the faces of "I'm looking forward to the concerts" from the audiences made me feel very happy. This time, there is no special effect for both the stage and for our singing and dancing. So I think if we can lighten that up [the atmosphere], it's enough to be able to enjoy the concert.
The first recording of "Yan Yan JUMP" was the fairly closed hand ball game [the game results were nearly equaled]. Takaki and Chinen's team was strong. The way Chinen passed the ball was tricky and amazed. I've discovered mamy things (laugh). From now on, for the person who is watching this program, because there are a lot of things you can try to play at the school, I would be happy if what we have done in the program is being done in many schools all over the country.
10 sources of energy
1. Wake up early
2. Bicycle
3. Working with JUMP (It's fun when I stay with everyone.)
4. Concert
5. Being busy
6. Travelling (Izu is a good place. Having onsen and country-side scenery are good.)
7. Game
8. Playing with niece and nephew (We are playing a lot when they come to my home.)
9. Music
10. Vegetable
T/N: Hikaru is addicted to his niece and nephew recently, and he looks like papa whenever he talks about them hahaha... soooo cute! ♥
I know he loves vegetable but I don't really know that he loves this much OMG (personally I hate vegetable. lol)

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